The White House
The 132-room White House is the official residence of the president



Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Upon entering the museum, a giant African elephant -- the largest ever captured -- greets visitors in a grand rotunda
View from second floor
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History -  is dedicated to understanding the natural world and the place in it. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
After death, a high priestess of the god Amon-Ra (ca. 1,000 BC) was mummified and buried within these coffins. A set of inner and outer coffins held the body and demonstrated the high status of the deceased. Mythic scenes depicted on the coffins were meant to guide and to protect the dead person's spirit.

Presidential box in Ford's Theater
The morning papers carried the announcement that the president and his wife would be attending the comedy, Our American Cousin, at Ford's Theater that evening with General Grant and his wife.
Peterson private residence,
 across the street from Ford's Theater, where President Lincoln was taken after being short in Ford's Theater.  He later died there.
President Lincoln,
 busts from various times in his life -  married Mary Todd, and they had four boys, only one of whom lived to maturity.
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Hieroglyphs are pictures that were used to write the ancient Egyptian language. In the beginning hieroglyphic signs were used to keep records of the king's possessions. Scribes could easily make these records by drawing a picture of a cow or a boat followed by a number. But as the language became more complex more pictures were needed. Eventually the language consisted of more then 750 individual signs.
Washington Memorial
This structure is 555 feet tall.  The tapered shaft, or obelisk, is made of stone and is covered with white marble.
Kitty Hawk - Wright Brothers plane
The flights of the 1902 glider had demonstrated the efficiency of our system for maintaining equilibrium, and also the accuracy of the laboratory work upon which the design of the glider was based. We then felt that we were prepared to calculate in advance the performance of machines with a degree of accuracy that had never been possible with the data and tables possessed by our predecessors. Before leaving camp in 1902 we were already at work on the general design of a new machine which we proposed to propel with a motor."...Orville Wright, 1902






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