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Shaker Village
Kentucky, USA


Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is located 25 miles southwest of Lexington, KY, on US 68.  It is the largest historic community of its kind in America.  In the late 18th century, a highly successful society established a uniquely American religion born out of an evangelical movement which had its roots in England.   Persecuted for their beliefs, eight Believers and their prophetess leader, Mother Ann Lee, settled near Albany, NY, in 1774.  This group became known as Shakers due to how they moved about during their services.  Today, Pleasant Hill is a working museum. 

Their meetinghouse has no supporting walls.  It is all supported by the outer walls and a most radical support system in the roof

The pictures on this page are from my two 'Robin Hood buddies,' Pam and Glenda





Famous for inventing the Shaker chair and spiral staircases. 

Looking up the dining room staircase



View from the window inside of the Big House

 ~The Big House~


Men's dormitory room
The Shakers didn't believe in procreation

Men's dining room
Men and women lived on opposite sides of the Community House


School room


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