A Spirit Bear came tumbling and rolling into my life  one day and became my friend.  To her I give my thanks for these photographs.



Rose Island Lighthouse was built in 1870 to guide ships around the shoals surrounding Newport Harbor. The light served until its deactivation ion 1971, after the construction of the Newport Bridge nearly on top of Rose Island in 1969.

Water Fire.  Work was done in the last 15 years to make the river more appealing and the city of Providence to look better. Providence's make-over was huge and it worked.  The city looks wonderful.  The Arts Committee decided to put fire lanterns in the river which runs through the center of the city.




Welcomes you to
Rhode Island, USA

Block Islands North.  The lighthouse suffered years of vandalism and neglect, but a preservation effort has brought it back to life. In the spring of 1996.


Castle Hill Newport.  This lighthouse style has been referred to as
 "Richardsonian Romanesque," assuming the architect H.H. Richardson designed Castle Hill Light.The light was built in 1890 to mark the eastern passage of Narragansett Bay.


Water Fire.  People come from all over the world to see the river and
the torches are lit a couple times each month during the summer.
It has become bigger event over the years with fireworks, food
 and dance on the streets the fire.  



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