Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Cathedral of Learning
At the University of Pittsburgh, is the second tallest building in the world: 42 stories, 535 tall.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - downtown


Pittsburgh - Incline
May 20, 1877, for the residents and businesses of the Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington sections of the City of Pittsburgh


Jefferson County
Created in March 1804 from a small portion of Lycoming County,
Jefferson County was named for Thomas Jefferson who was
President of the United States at the time. Brookville, named for
the numerous brooks and streams in the vicinity, was chosen as
the county seat for its central location at the time (today it is
located in the northern part of the county since a portion of the county was split off to form Forest County in 1848).

Jefferson County
Cook Forest
The 7,182-acre Cook Forest State Park lies in scenic northwestern Pennsylvania.
Once called the "Black Forest," the area is famous for its stands of old
growth forest. Cook Forest's "Forest Cathedral" of towering
white pines and hemlocks is a National Natural Landmark.
The Clarion River is (shown in page background)the eastern
border of the park and is popular
for canoeing and rafting.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County
There is a large deer population in Pennsylvania. Deer were very
important to the survival of settlers and Indian tribes. Deer were used as food and buckskin


           Jefferson County
The female deer is called a doe. Doe can give birth to twins
or even triplets per season, if well fed. A baby deer is called a fawn.

                                          Jefferson County
  The male deer, or buck, grow antlers each year. These Antlers are
used as weapons during mating season and then are shed.



Jefferson County
Indians and settlers depended on the Whitetail Deer to feed,
clothe and shelter them year round. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives
passed the nation's first game laws in 1721 to protect these valuable animals,
some of whom grew to 350 pounds.


Jefferson County              
Whitetail Deer continue to flourish today in Pennsylvania's forests.
whitetail deer is the official state animal, as enacted by the
General Assembly on October 2, 1959


  Jefferson County
The white-tailed deer is well-known for the habit of flipping its tail up over its back,
revealing the tailís white underside and white buttocks.


Number of counties in Pennsylvania:  67z
One of the 13 original colonies of the US
12,365,455 (2003 census)
46058 sq.mi, 33rd   Land 44820 sq. mi., 32nd   Water 1239 sq.mi., 28th Great Lakes 749 sq.mi., 7th


The Golden Triangle formed by the three rivers of the Ohio, Monongahela and the Allegheny.

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Pittsburgh at night
Founded: 1758
Founded: 1758
Incorporated: 1816

Punxsutawney- home of the famous groundhog
German tradition holds that if the sun comes out on Candlemas, the precursor to Groundhog Day, the hedgehog (or badger) will see its shadow and six more weeks of winter will follow. When German settlers came to Pennsylvania they continued this tradition, using groundhogs instead of hedgehogs to predict the weather.



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