Vous accueille à
Paris, France


Our 'Paddington Bear' sure gets around a lot doesn't she!   From England to France, we never know where she's going to be next.
Thanks Liz, these are spectacular photos!


One of the highlights of a trip to Paris is a cruise down the Seine on a Bateaux Mouche.  This is the first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from the riverboat

Notre Dame from the Seine – looked for Quasimodo and Esmerelda, but couldn’t see them


Notre Dame from a different angle

Yet another building on the banks of the Seine


We traveled to Paris by train under the channel tunnel, from Waterloo in London to Gare du Nord in Paris.  This is the International Terminal at Waterloo.

Gare du Nord in Paris, the flags aren't out for us, it was taken in August 1998, and there had been a football competition – may have even been the world cup


The Tuilleries Gardens are the grounds of the Louvre, the French call them Les Tuilleries, and they were may favourite bit of Paris.  During July and August they have Fete de Tuilleries, with a funfair and side shows.  This is one of the rides

The Tuilleries Gardens
The Ferris wheel  -  the photo doesn’t really show how huge it was



The Tuilleries Gardens
The log flume, it was great because the weather was so so hot, and it you got very wet on it

This golden monument was built after WW2 as a symbol of Anglo-French Relations, and is just by the entrance to the Pont d’Alma underpass.  So since Princess Diana’s tragic death just a few yards away in the underpass, it has become a sort of memorial to her.   There were flowers, messages, photos and graffiti from all over the world on the monument, the surrounding flagstones and the structure of the top




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