Welcomes you to the Commonwealth Games, 2002, Manchester, England


These Commonwealth Games have been brought to you compliments of Liz, a true English lady, but who can also be seen strolling about as Paddington Bear!  A 'bearry big thanks to you'!


In 2002 the Commonwealth Games came to Manchester.  They are quite a lot like the Olympic Games, but smaller because the only countries which can compete are those countries who were in the British Commonwealth. 

Just like the Olympic Games have an Olympic Torch which is carried through the streets, the Commonwealth Games had a Baton which carried, relay fashion through the streets.  It was carried by people who had been nominated by the public for the honour, and many of the people who carried it were disabled in some way, or had done something really special to support sports.  


This photograph shows the motorcade coming down the our road, with the police cars and outriders – it was all very exciting and there was music, but of course you cant hear that on the photos!   And lots of excited children, many of the running through the side streets to see everything again on the next main road!


This is the first of the Cadburys trucks – there was one in front of each runner and one behind, and they carried the runners who weren't actually doing their part of the relay, plus first-aiders and promotional people.   People crowded round them hoping they carried chocolate, but they didn’t




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