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    Cyprus is a vastly historic island located in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  It's history goes back over 10,000 years and includes the notable  Alexander the Great and Cleopatra.  The third largest island of the Mediterranean with close proximity to Europe, Asian and Africa, Cyprus has been inhabited by numerous civilizations over the years.  Over three thousand years ago the Mycenaean Greeks settled on the island and established the current Greek culture.  Over the millennia, Cyprus has seen Phoenician, Roman, Crusaders, Franks, Venetians and other conquerors who have left their influence to shape the island's unique character.

My gratitude goes out to, Angela, who provided the photographs below.  Angela and I have shared an interesting  experience.  While she was in labor with her last child, my trans-Atlantic maternal instincts drove me into a painting frenzy.



~Aphrodite's Rock~
~Aphrodite, mythological goddess of beauty, was born in the foam of our warm seas, and spawned a huge cult in pagan times~


~Cyprus Ancient curium~


~Cyprus Ancient curium~




~Cyprus Ancient curium~


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