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These photographs are from my very dear and loving friend, Pam.   A more gracious and beautiful person you will never find.   Pam and I met each other on an internet mailing group many years ago due to our common love of genealogy.    This summer (2004) Pam made the journey across the pond from her home in England to our home here in the US.  We spent the most delightful and memorable three weeks together, a time that I will always hold close to my heart.  My boys miss their, 'Grandma Pam,' and are looking forward to her return!




~Church of Stoke on Trent~, at the top.  There was a church at Stoke by 1086, and for the next seven centuries and more this remained the mother church of a large parish. That parish included Newcastle, Clayton and Seabridge on the west, the detatched Whitmore, further west still. Burslem, Hanley, Norton in the Moors, Bucknall and Bagnall in the north, and Lane End and Fenton in the east.  
At the time of its demolition in 1830 the former church of St. Peter Ad Vinicula consisted of an aisled nave, a chancel of three bays, a west tower, a south porch and a north vestry. The new church, on a site to the north of the old one, was begun in 1826 and consecrated in 1830.   Source: Ward-The Borough of Stoke on Trent and Victoria County History




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