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Malta is being brought to you by my friend Dave, a clever man with a naughty sense of humor -- none of which is reflected in these lovely photographs  (big smile to Dave!)


Crowne Plaza -Morning on the Mediterranean


Crowne Plaza Hotel -- sunrise
Sliema in Feb 2004

Grand Harbor - classic view
Malta has been one of the greatest maritime ports for hundreds of years. The island is overflowing with history and Valetta, the capital, is for good reason a world heritage site.
Grand Harbour - Angelican Cathedral
The Anglican Cathedral in Valetta seen from the Sliema to Valetta Ferry
Grand Harbor - Watch Tower
One of the old watchtowers that can be seen around Grand Harbour. On the left is the building housing the Freedom Bell commemorating Malta's part in the Second World War.
Grand Harbor - Reflections
Sliema Creek
Not only large vessels can be seen at anchor in Malta. Sliema Creek, an offshoot of Grand Harbour, is home for sailing yachts from around the world. They also provide the photographer with very nice reflections!
Mdina - a quiet corner in the Silent City Mdina Cathedral
The Cathedral of St Paul in the centre of Mdina

Mdina - Main Gate
Mdina is a beautiful Medieval city founded about 1000BC by the Phoenicians. Subsequently it was occupied by the Romans and the Saracens. For a long time Mdina was the seat of government and the capital city of Malta. Today it is known as 'The Silent City' due to the absence of motor vehicles. The atmosphere is of calm and peace. A wonderful place. The photo shows the main gateway to the city
Mdina - The Silent City
Peace in the centre of the city
Grand Harbor - Old Houses
These old cottages were formerly used by Maltese fishermen
Grand Harbor - USS Philpine Sea
The USS Philippine Sea seen on a visit to Malta in February 2004. In the left distance with the Maltese flag flying can be seen the office of the Maltese Prime Minister.

Grand Harbor Cruise





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