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As you can see from these beautiful flowers, Dave's wife, 'Grandma Mary,' as she's affectionately known, has quite a green thumb
Dave's hand carved walking sticks ... he's quite talented, isn't he
The second photo is of
The Corn Exchange building Designed by Cuthbert Broderick and opened in 1863 with facilities for the sale of corn with offices and warehousing for corn merchants. The building was refurbished in 1990 and sold. It now houses 48 specialty shops.

Kirkgate Market.  A photograph taken inside the Market Buildings showing the Market Clock. It is normally much busier than shown in the photograph !
Leeds Market is well known as being one of the best markets in the country. The market hall is large and spacious and accommodates a large variety of stalls selling fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, bread and cakes, clothing, electrical goods, fabrics, luggage, DIY materials, to mention a few. In addition there is a large outdoor market which is open most days and includes a bric a brac market on Thursdays.

Note the finely decorated ironwork and ceiling inside of Kirkgate Market. 

Queens Arcade.  Since the 19th Century Leeds has been noted for it's arcades, basically covered streets enabling the citizens to shop under cover and safe from the elements. They also enable people to get from one part of the city to another without getting too wet by rain, as Dave discovered when starting work in the city!


The Victoria Quarter is a very up-market shopping development formed in the 1980's by roofing over two streets, refurbishing the buildings and then filling them with exclusive (and expensive!) shops. Pavement cafes and a water feature make shopping a pleasant experience, providing one can afford the prices!Shops include Dolce & Gabbana, Ted Baker, Crombie, Harvey Nichols,Vivienne Westwood, etc.
water feature is an attraction of the Victoria Quarter.




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