Willkommen In Deutschland


My very dear and long time 'Gemini Twin' from
Loerrach, Germany, contributed these photographs. 
Vielen Dank, mein lieber Freund.
Ich umarme Dich.


Adam and Eve Sculpture
If there was ever town guaranteed to surprise you, it is Loerrach. The capital of the "Markgraeflerland" [land of the margraves] with approximately 47'000 inhabitants is a cultural and economic focal point in the region where Germany, France and Switzerland meet.

Art in Frankfurt


Sculpture in Lorrache


Roetteln Castle

House in the Black Forest

Lake Schluchsee in the
Black Forest


Roetteln Castle
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Frankfurt Skyline at night
also called Mainhatten, similar to Manhatten, but 'main' because the
ain River is in Frankfurt


Frankfurt Skyline



Loerrach Townhall
 Loerrach is known far and wide for its picturesque markets, its outstanding local cuisine and its annual international "Stimmen-Festival" [festival of voices]. The delightful town centre has a Mediterranean feel with spacious pedestrian zones and pavement cafés, which make it ideal to shop and stroll leisurely.



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